Miele AirTeQ Floorhead
Genuine Miele AirTeQ Floorhead
Product Information
Brand Miele
Category Vacuums & Floorcare
Part Tools & Accessories
Appliance Type Vacuum Cleaners
Model C1 Junior PowerLine, C1 Powerline, C2 Powerline, C2 Excellence Eco Line, C2 Allergy Eco Line, C2 XXL Powerline, C2 Cat&Dog Powerline, C2 Allergy Powerline, C3 Powerline, C3 Boost Eco Line, C3 Excellence Eco Line, C3 Boost Parquet Eco Line, C3 Cat&Dog Powerline, C3 Boost Eco Line, C3 XXL Powerline, C3 Total Solution Powerline, C3 Electro Plus Eco Line, CX1 Excellence Powerline, CX1 Cat&Dog Powerline, CX1 Comfort Powerline, 660, 663, 669, 670, 666, 668, 665, 664, 667, 672, 673, 674, 677, 675, 676, 678, 671, 679, 681, 680
Range Classic, Blizzard, Compact, Complete, 702, 703, 701

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Miele AirTeQ Floorhead

Replacement AirTeQ floorhead for the Miele vacuum cleaner range 


  • Genuine Miele product 
  • High quality 
  • Efficient and silent due to optimised airflow
  • Very powerful even on a low setting
  • Up to 40% less electricity used 

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